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The Billing Service Productivity Specialists!

PaperlessDoc® automates medical practices and billing services that use Medisoft, without using Revenue Manager, Statement Manager, or print image!

  • 1 click to send all your claims for all your practices!
  • 1 click to download and post all your ERAs for all your practices!
  • 1 click to create and send all your patient statements for all your practices!
  • 1 click to run 6 month-end reports for all your practices!
  • Bonus: 2 billing service management reports not possible without Night Train.
  • Bonus: Automated Write-Off (old charges and unpaid statements) and Collections!
  • Bonus: All charges with zero balance marked complete for all payers!

"I was reluctant to take on more clients, because I don't want to hire. With Night Train, I don't have to hire!"

"I didn't realize how much time PaperlessDoc® would save me. I put it off for 2 years. Now I have so much extra time!"

"This is really fast! It's not expensive. We're thrilled!"

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A typical billing service with 40 practices sends primary and secondary claims for all their practices in 12 minutes; downloads and posts ERAs for all their practices in 12 minutes; creates and sends statements for 10 of the practices in 17 minutes; and runs 6 month-end reports for each practice overnight while they're at home with their feet up! Can you do that?

Call for a demo - You will be amazed!

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