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PaperlessDoc® is a complete suite of billing products to save time and cut costs for Medisoft users, especially billing services.

PaperlessDoc® integrates Medisoft with Emdeon, so billing services and doctor's offices can quickly and easily send all their claims for all their practices with 1 click, download and post all their payments for all their practices with 1 click, and create and send all their patient statements with 1 click! We don't use the cumbersome Revenue Manager, Statement Manager, or print image.

Other companies put you on hold, and the person who helps you can be a new hire who doesn't know the answer to your question. With PaperlessDoc®, you get someone with 18 years of experience in electronic billing and Medisoft.

We take an advocacy role for our customers, and talk to the clearing house and carriers for you. We speak their language, so we can get to the bottom of the situation and tell you what you need to do to fix it. Because carriers and clearing houses are big companies that can't make changes quickly, we change our software quickly to make work-arounds when our customers have problems, even when the problem is with a carrier.


PaperlessDoc® started in 1994 as a software company with a contract at a school system. We wrote a program to send claims electronically to Medicaid for students in physical and speech therapy.

When the doctors saw us on the Medicaid list of approved electronic billing vendors, our phone started ringing! Doctors using Medisoft were looking for alternatives, because the electronic billing they had was expensive, and they weren’t getting any support.

We wrote a program to read the Medisoft data files and send the claims electronically to the carriers.

Since then, we have been talking with our customers, looking for ways to help them do their work faster.

Some of our customers asked us for help with their Medisoft, so we became a Medisoft dealer and offer Medisoft sales, upgrades, and support.

Many doctors and billing services have Medisoft, because it is inexpensive. We eliminate a lot of time-consuming frustrations for Medisoft users.

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