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Night Train for Billing Services

Night Train, by PaperlessDoc®, automates billing services using Medisoft. It reads through the Medidata folder sending claims or statements, downloading and posting ERAs, or running month-end reports for all your practices with 1 click! It runs without intervention; you don't even need to be there!

One customer bought Night Train when she had 18 practices and 5 employees. A year later, she had 99 customers and the same 5 employees. She said it would not have been possible to expand without hiring if she hadn't had Night Train.

With Night Train, by PaperlessDoc®, you don't have to open Revenue Manager or Statement Manager, and it doesn't use print image.

Another customer has a billing service with 45 practices. With her old patient statement service, she spent all weekend sending statements! She would start one before preparing dinner, another before eating, another before bed, and so on.

That customer now sends statements for half of her practices at the middle of the month, and the rest at the end of the month, by clicking our ICON on the way out the door.

Using the setup screen, you tell Night Train what to do, then you click the ICON on the way out the door. Night Train runs in the background, so you can do other things while it is running.

The biggest time-saver is our ERA product. Imagine downloading and posting all your ERAs, without having to go to each practice and click on each file! PaperlessDoc® has lots of extras. For example, if the primary crosses the claim over to the secondary, our ERA program marks the secondary "Sent". If you don't have a secondary in the case, it warns you that the patient has a secondary, so you won't send a statement.

Patient Statements saves almost as much time. It counts how many times a statement is sent. If the patient hasn't paid before it reaches the submission count you specify, it automatically stops sending. At that point, it will optionally write off the remainder balance or send it to collections.

Imagine the end of the month without spending all day running reports!

You don't even need to be there!

We have a utility that writes off charges too old to send on statements. Another one marks charges complete for all payers when the remainder is zero. For all your practices with 1 click!

We offer outstanding support! You never have to wait on hold or put up with a new-hire who doesn't know how to help you. When you call, you get a person with 18 years' experience with Medisoft and electronic billing. Usually, we know the answer to your problem. If we don't, we contact the clearing house and/or the payer while you get back to work.

We have 3 product lines: Claims and ERAs, Patient Statements, and Reports. You can start with any or all of these products.

How much time do you spend posting ERAs? Writing off old charges and charges when patients don't pay? Sending statements? Running month-end reports? You could use that time for follow-up or to handle more customers.

Other billing systems are made for doctor's offices. Night Train is designed for professional billing services.

There are only 24 hours in a day. You'll never get more time. But, if you use your time wisely, you'll make more money.

Call for a demo. You will be amazed!

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