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Patient Statements

Patient Statements features available only in PaperlessDoc®:

  • Writes off old charges if haven't been seen lately;
  • Stops sending after n times if guarantor isn't paying;
  • Writes off remainder up to x after n times;
  • 2-clicks to create, send statements, write off;
  • Follow-up report;
  • Faster than other methods (we don't send graphics).

Sending statements from Medisoft doesn't have to be a time-consuming nightmare!

OK, you use electronic patient statements to save time. You're not folding and stuffing anymore, but how much time are you saving?

You don't even have to open Statement Manager with PaperlessDoc®!

Our setup screen lets you choose how many times to send a statement if the guarantor is not paying, and what you want to do then: Automatically write off remainder balances up to a specified amount or send them to collections.

Write off charges if no one in the family has seen the doctor since a specified month.

The follow-up report helps you collect from patients in the last batch who haven't paid.

Collections is automatic! Set it up to automatically send to collections after n times if over $x. No need to make lists or copy demographics!

PaperlessDoc® is not just faster than Medisoft, it offers options that are not possible with Medisoft!

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