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“I have more time to grow my business. One of our employees quit, and I didn’t replace her!”

NS, Billing Service

"I was reluctant to take on more clients, because I don't want to hire. With Night Train, I don't have to hire!"

SW, Billing Service

"I didn't realize how much time PaperlessDoc® would save me. I put it off for 2 years. Now I have so much extra time!"

NC, Billing Service

"This is really fast! It's not expensive. We're thrilled!"

MS, Physical Therapy

"I couldn't have added so many customers without hiring if I didn't have Night Train by PaperlessDoc®!"

LM, Billing Service

"There is no work in the drawer. What should I do?"

KM, Billing Service

“I like having someone to talk to. With the other guys, we wait on hold for 40 minutes, then get, ‘Call tomorrow, we’re too busy to talk to you today.’”

EA, Pediatrics

“If there’s an issue, it’s good to know you’re there to help.”

CF, Billing Service

“We have done very well with PaperlessDoc®. When we have a question, we get good, prompt service.”

Dr. NR, Allergy

“PaperlessDoc® is the most effective cost controlling claims submission software out there.”

SC, Internal Medicine

“You guys really help. Nobody else helps like you do!”

PK, Internal Medicine

“I’ve used a lot of billing systems, and PaperlessDoc® is the easiest. It’s excellent!”

SM, Billing Service

“Now I have more control over what’s happening with my billing. I’m glad to have PaperlessDoc®!”

Dr. PP, Internal Medicine

"Thank you. You make things so easy!"

Dr. CL, Pediatrics

“Billing was an expensive hassle. Friends of mine sold their practices to an HMO, and then were laid off a few months later. I prayed and prayed for a way to keep my practice. PaperlessDoc® was the answer to my prayer.”

Dr. VV, Pediatrics

“The support at PaperlessDoc® is easily accessible. My questions are answered.”

RS, Internal Medicine

“We are very pleased with PaperlessDoc®, we have no problems at all!. When the staff posts the payments, I have to check them. When PaperlessDoc® does it, I know it’s right!”

RP, Internal Medicine

"It is great to have a live person answering the phone to help us."

TK, Cardiology

"Computers scare the heck out of me. But, working with you, I feel I can do it. You are calming. I highly appreciate your help."

FY, Family Practice

"I can go home at 5:00!"

SM, Billing Service

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